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WardWiz Essential 3.8

Provides protection against malware and performs other maintenance tasks
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WardWiz Essential is a set of tools intended to provide protection against malware and perform other maintenance tasks on your computer. In many respects, the program looks quite similar to other software of the same kind. It has a tabbed interface to help you find the desired function without much effort. As a result, it is appropriate for any kind of user.

The tool provides continuous protection for your system, which is called Active Scan. It is good that it can automatically detect the insertion of a USB device and offer to analyze it for viruses. In addition, there are other types of scans. For instance, if you do not have much time and you have checked your computer recently, it is a good idea to carry out a quick scan.

Likewise, it is possible to inspect given files or look for rootkit malware only. Of course, executing a detailed check of the whole system is also allowed. Other possibilities are performing scans every time you boot up your system or at given intervals. For all your choices, you can set additional options, such as excluding certain files and scanning by file name.

According to online reviews, the tool is quite efficient in detecting malware. In this respect, it is good to know that it can perform not only regular but also heuristic scans, which allow detecting threats that are not described in the database. Moreover, the virus definitions can be updated automatically or manually, which can be done from either the Internet or a local folder.

Other features that make this software collection quite useful are the possibility the encrypt and decrypt files to prevent unauthorized access. Similarly, it can optimize your registry for better system performance and recover previously quarantine files. Finally, the package also includes an autorun scanner to detect and repair shortcuts, a temporary files cleaner and even a USB vaccination function.

In general, WardWiz Essential is quite comprehensive in terms of available features. However, I noticed that it has had a negative impact on my computer’s performance. The product belongs to a family of similar products that also includes WardWiz Basic and WardWiz Essential Plus. If you go to the developers’ site, you will find out that if you need more features, you probably need to buy the Essential Plus edition.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Intuitive interface
  • Comprises various useful tools and features
  • Protects against various types of malware
  • Supports many types of scans


  • Affects system performance
  • Fewer features than the Essential Plus edition offers
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